Civil engineers are the unsung heroes that plan and design the infrastructure that makes our lives easier. From filling a glass with water, to knowing our house won’t flood when it rains, to rounding a banked turn on a roadway, a civil engineer has touched every aspect of the world we live in. CValdo engineers combine expertise and experience with a proactive approach to planning and designing impactful improvements to our world.

Infrastructure Planning and Design Services Include:


Utility Design
    • Drainage and flood control systems
    • Water supply systems
    • Sewer systems
    • Access road design
    • Gravity and pressure system alignment studies
Utility Planning
    • Master planning
    • CIP cost estimating and prioritization

Road Design and Pavement Rehabilitation
Sidewalk and Pedestrian Ramp Design
Public Trail Design
Parks and Recreational Fields Planning and Design
CCTV Inspection and Condition Assessment
Construction Phase Oversight
stormwater treatment vault