Together we are building a company inclusive of diverse capabilities, perspectives, lifestyles, and cultures. We aim higher. We are CValdo.

In 2004 while working at a large A&E firm Mike Cairns, CValdo founding partner, realized that the idea of working his way up the corporate ladder while having a happy and healthy personal life was out of reach. The sixty plus hour weeks, growth at any cost corporate culture, infighting over clients and revenue, and countless hours spent in meetings, all coalesced to create a vision in Mike’s mind of finding a place where a successful challenging career in a healthy environment could be pursued in addition to, rather than instead of, an enjoyable fulfilling home life. With that in mind, Mike formed CValdo Corporation, with fellow SDSU graduate and friend Joel Valdovinos.

In the years since the CValdo doors first opened, we have gained the trust of numerous public agencies as a firm that can be relied upon to provide problem solving expertise and responsive service for reasonable compensation. As a requirement of employment, CValdo team members are technically strong, service oriented, easy to work with, and relentless in pursuit of delivering a high-quality work product, be it a design, study, or recommended course of action. We focus on our projects and engage with our team and our clients to achieve excellence.

And while we may identify in our professional lives as engineers and scientists, we at CValdo are parents, coaches, instructors, volunteers, and productive members of our community. To balance the mental challenges of our work week, you might find us carving time out of our day to hit the gym, or walk, run, swim, or bike. We have the freedom to structure our work days so we can attend our children’s athletic events after school, make time for friends, and get home for dinner at a decent hour. If this sounds like a great place to pursue your professional goals, it is, by design.

Senior Staff

Mike Cairns, PE

Gary Yagade, PE
Principal Engineer

Cory Jones, PE
Senior Engineer

Mark Wills, PE
Senior Engineer

CValdo Emeritus

CValdo Emeritus are former employees who have either retired or moved on from CValdo after at least ten years with the company, and have made significant contributions to our success. We are indebted to each of these former team members.

Joel Valdovinos

Lombardo Detrinidad

Ken Horsley