headRiverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District –

LID Testing and Demonstration Facility

CValdo Corporation recently finalized design plan preparation for a pervious concrete and porous asphalt research facility at the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District complex.  This project includes design of pervious concrete and porous asphalt pavement sections, which will have an underdrain system set above an impermeable liner.  Rainfall landing on the pavement will soak in and pass through the pavement base material.  This captured rainfall will then be collected in a subdrain system and conveyed to a testing facility where measurements will be taken of volume, peak flow rate and pollutant levels.  The purpose of this testing facility is to enable the Flood Control District to determine the following:

  • The level of pollutants that pass through typical pavement base materials to the native soil below
  • The volume of rainfall retained within pervious pavement base materials
  • The lagging effect and peak flow rate reduction of the runoff hydrograph for pervious pavement sections served by a subdrain system
  • The long term performance of pervious concrete and porous asphalt

In addition to these services, CValdo Corporation recently completed design plans for a new layout of the District’s parking areas.  The new parking areas will incorporate various Low Impact Development (LID) BMPs, which are designed to further enhance the District’s role as a regional LID demonstration and training facility.  Currently CValdo is finalizing the project specifications and quantities in anticipation of the bid date.




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